The server will go through different stages as the time passes, all level, areas and grades will be available since server starts but some features will be locked. Castle Sieges, Clan halls, some Epic Raid Bosses, Olympiads and the Mercenary system won’t be available from the first day. This changes will provide a more dynamic server and allow players to enjoy more each stage. Read more about this below.

The first stage of the server will last 6 months. During this stage all levels, areas, item grades and most of the game features will be available. Race wars will be enabled since the beggining (permanent war between Dusk and Dawn). Read more about Race Wars.

  • Levels 1 to 80 available
  • All item grades (NG to S) can be crafted and used
  • All regions, towns, quests are enabled
  • Dusk (Orcs and Dark Elfs) and Dawn (Humans and Elfs) will be in a permanent war
  • Castle sieges, clan halls and epic raidbosses will be working during this period
  • Duration: 6 months.

During this stage the Mercenary system will be enabled. This means that clans can invite characters from the opposite faction. The requirements for that are very high and the amount of characters that can be invited is very limited. This will allow players to contest high level epic bosses more easy and progress faster as well as create strong PVP groups. You can read more about it here. This stage will last for another 6 months, mercenary system will continue available after it.

  • Everything enabled during 1st stage will be working on this stage too
  • Mercenary system will be added
  • Characters can betray their own race and faction for a high price
  • Players will be able to contest top game content with stronger setups (because of the mercenary system).
  • Duration: 6 months

The last stage of the server, once here all game content would be available as well as mercenary system. During this stage Olympiad games will be unlocked and the age of heros will raise.

  • Everything from stage 1 and 2 will be working
  • Grand Olympiad games will be enabled
  • Players will be able to become hero.