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Server Update

Greetings players,

We want to say thanks to all of you for choosing our server and dedicating so much time on giving your ideas and feedback. When we started we knew that the server concept was new and original and that we would need to make some changes after some weeks, once some people played it and tell us how the server feels and what is needed to be changed or improved.

Listening to players is important, this is a private community where staff and players run together a server to play, spend their free time and enjoy with friends. And we have to take care about it together to improve it and make it great.

Theese are the changes that will be introduced this Friday after the daily restart:

  • Queen Cat (Newbie NPC): From now the cat will be placed in all starting towns and will provide low NG weapon and Low D grade weapon, to help newcomers to catch up so the the current players will have more people to party with, fill their clans and so on. In the future we will enable C grade coupons too (in 1 more month or so), lately we will enable Shadow C weapons and at on late 2021 (september- october) we will finally enable Shadow B weapons. Like this we will allow newcomers to catch up, that is good for the server and all players but without hurting existing players (the ones who joined first), thats why we will add it over the time and not all at once.
  • Catacombs and Necropolis won’t be peace zone anyomore. As many of you suggested, this game should not have any peace zone, we agree with that so we are removing this feature.
  • Clans will be based on Faction and not in Race. Right now there are Human clans, Elf clans, Dark elf clans and Orc clans. From now clans will be fatcion (humans and elfs or orcs and dark elfs). This was one of the other suggestions you made, we still like the idea about clans based on Races, but we think this change will help clans to grow better and be more competitive.
  • Mercenary system changes and faction balance: As you may noticed already, factions are clearly unbalanced on numbers, levels, gears.. We decided to change the mercenary system as follow.

1) It will be available from Friday 18th June
2) From now Clans level 5 or higher can invite characters from the other faction
3) Invite characters from the other faction will cost CRP (1k for the 1st and 2nd invite, 2k for the 3rd and 4th, 3k for the for the rest).
4) Inviting players from opposite faction will be only available for the clan leader
5) A Character that joins a clan of the opposite faction will keep his main class and subclasses.
6) Characters can only make subclass of their own faction (if a Dusk moves to Dawn, he will still only be able to make Dusk subclass (dark elfs and orcs).
7) When leaving or being kicked from the clan you will automatically come back to your main faction.

It may sounds a huge change, but this will allow to balance the factions, create competitive party for pvp, sieges, raids, epics… And this will also allow buffers to find party more easy.

Earning CRP is hard, only well organized clans will be able to have many mercenaries while smalls or casual clans will be only able to have few, but at the end it will be good and useful for both of them.

We hope you like this changes, we think this will help to bring more players and also to keep the current ones and make them happy aswell.

Best regards.