Theese are the rules that every players must know and follow to avoid undesired bans or punishments. We take care about of server and community, theese rules have been created in order to have a server without cheaters and a healthy community where people can enjoy by playing during their free time. Spend five minutes on reading the rules, it is a important thing.

Bots, clickers…Permaban
Any 3rd party software to automate farmPermaban
RMT (Real money trade)Permaban
Bug exploitPermaban
Fail captcha 1st timeJail
Fail captcha several timesPermaban
Abuse captcha on other playersJail/Permaban
Trigger players to break rules, promote cheating…Permaban
Ingame harassments, threats…Jail/Permaban
Offensive language (racism, sexism…)Chatban/Jail/Permaban
Advertisements, promoting other serversPermaban
Other reasons (read more below)Jail/Permaban
  • Bots, clickers, radar, wall hack, client mods and any other kind of 3rd party software is not allowed, we won’t discuss with a player about this topic, it is very simple, do not use any kind of software that can provide ingame advantage or a way to bypass any server rule or earn items, experience in an automated way or while being AFK. All accounts that are online when a software like this is running in your computer will make your account to get a permanent ban without change to appeal.
  • Any kind of software (keyboard, mouse macros) that allow you to play in an automated way or while being AFK will result in a permanent ban.
  • Dualbox is not allowed, a player can only play one character at the same time, using more than one computer, remote desktops or similar to play more than one character will result in a permanent ban of all your accounts
  • Selling or buying ingame items and accounts (RMT) is not allowed, all characters and accounts related to theese activities will be permanent banned.
  • Abusing a bug to get advantage of it it’s considered a bannable offense and will lead you to a permanent ban.
  • While playing a captcha may pop-up (this can occurr while earning experience, items or being buffed, healed or recharged). Failing the captcha will lead you to a jail for the first time, failing several time will end with a permanent ban
  • Trying to trigger captcha in other players will lead you to a punishment (10 days jail or permanent ban if you do it several times).
  • Harassing or threating other players by using offensive language will result in a long jail period or a permanent ban.
  • Advertising the usage of mechanism to cheat or break the rules or inviting players to do it will result in a permanent ban.
  • Extremly offensive language is punished with a chat ban, jail or permanent ban (depending on the circumstances).
  • Remember that you are playing a private server and the last words about a punisment belongs always to the server administrators, if we consider that a player is intentionally breaking or playing with the rules and it can be considered problematic we will remove his access to the game and community.