Will you be Dusk or Dawn? This is a retail server with faction system based on races and Seven Signs. There are two factions on the server, The Revolutionaries of Dusk (Orcs and Dark Elfs) and The Lords of Dawn (Humans and Elfs), Dwarves are neutral, they will choose their side once they reach level 20. All characters will have a color with the name of the faction (red for dusk and blue for dawn).

  • Dusk faction remains to Orcs and Dark Elfs while Dawn faction remains to Humans and Elfs.
  • Dusk and Dawn factions will be in a permanent war, it means that you can kill or be killed by a faction enemy anywhere and anytime (unless in starting villages, catacombs and necropolis).
  • Starting villages are a no-faction war zone, the rules about Race Wars are not enabled there.
  • Dwarves will be forced to choose a faction when they reach level 20. If they join a clan before level 20 the faction will be automatically assigned (if they join a human clan at level 10, for example, they will become Dawn Faction).
  • Clans of the same faction can start a war between them and the same rules as in the original game will be applied.
  • When killing or bein killed by an enemy faction member that belongs to a clan your will earn or loose CRP for your clan if the clan is level 5 or higher.
  • Clans from different factions can’t be part of the same alliance.
  • Characters from different factions can’t join the same party or recieve buffs, heals or recharges.
  • Characters from different factions can trade or buy from private stores.
  • Characters can only join clans of the same faction. (for example, dark elves can only join a clan with dark elves or orcs).
  • Characters can’t join a clan from the opposite faction (can be only done with Mercenary System).
  • Seals are removed (Gnosis, Avarice and Stride) Each faction will contribute with seal stones to the Priest of Dusk or Priest of Dawn.
  • Quest period will begin on Monday at 18:00 UTC and will long for 7 days. During this period each faction can farm seal stones and contribute by giving it to the Priest of Dusk or Priest of Dawn. While contributing with seal stones you will earn Ancient Adena.
  • Validation period will begin 7 days after Quest Period, on Monday at 18:00 UTC. During this period some bonuses or penalties will be applied to the winning and loosing side:
    • Blacksmith of mammon and Merchant of mammon will appear in Catacombs or Necropolis (depends which faction wins).
    • Raid boss Lilith will appear in Catacombs or Raid Boss Anakim will appear in Necropolis (depends which faction wins).
    • Castle walls and doors from castles owned by the winner facion will have +50% hp bonus
    • When dieing during a siege a character will appear 1 town distance from the sieged castle town by default, the winners of seven signs will appear in the same castle town when they die.
    • Castle Lords from the winner faction will be able to set up to 15% taxes, while other will be able to set up to 5%.

The mercenary system allow characters from any race to change to the opposite faction (a dark elf could join the dawn faction for example).

There are some requirements that must be meet to become a mercenary

  • Clans level 5 or higher can invite characters from the other faction
  • Inviting characters from the other faction will cost CRP (1k for the 1st and 2nd invite, 2k for the 3rd and 4th, 3k for the for the rest).
  • Inviting players from opposite faction will be only available for the clan leader
  • A Character that joins a clan of the opposite faction will keep his main class and subclasses.
  • Characters can only make subclass of their own faction (if a Dusk moves to Dawn, he will still only be able to make Dusk subclass (dark elves and orcs).
  • When leaving or being kicked from the clan you will automatically come back to your original faction.

Castle sieges and manor will work as always, all castle sieges will take place on Saturdays and Sundays more information here, clans from the same faction can fight between them or against a clan from the opposite faction for the control of a castle. Remember that factions are in a permanent war and they can fight outside the siege zone too.

Alliances between clans of a different faction are not possible but a clan from the opposite faction can register as defender of a castle owner by an enemy faction clan (as long as the castle owner approves the defense registration).