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Server Update

Greetings players, We want to say thanks to all of you for choosing our server and dedicating so much time on giving your ideas and feedback. When we started we knew that the server concept was new and original and that we would need to… Continue a ler »Server Update

Open Beta

Hello dear players! We are happy to announce that the server Beta will take place between May 17th at 10:00 UTC and May 20th 10:00 UTC. During those days we will collect the necessary data to make some adjustments if needed. The official server launch… Continue a ler »Open Beta

Early registration

Welcome to Dusk vs Dawn! In few days we will open an early registration to allow players to create their game accounts, use their referral link, download the game and prepare themselves for the Beta. All characters, items or any ingame thing created during the… Continue a ler »Early registration

Server advertisement

Hello future players! Today we finished all preparations for the server launch, the server machines, protections, game patch, website… everything is almost ready! While we finish the last details and adjustments we will start promoting and advertising the server in some social networks, forums and… Continue a ler »Server advertisement

Multilingual Website

We started the translation of the website to the following languages: Russian, Brazilian-Portuguese and Spanish. From the staff we want to provide a nice experience on this community and give all the useful and important information in several languages to make things easier for the… Continue a ler »Multilingual Website