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Open Beta

Hello dear players!

We are happy to announce that the server Beta will take place between May 17th at 20:00 UTC and May 20th 20:00 UTC. During those days we will collect the necessary data to make some adjustments if needed. The official server launch will be on May 21th at 18:00 UTC.

We encourage you all to test the faction mechanics and some basic game features as quests and skills, if you find something that is not working as it si supposed to you can report it in our discord server.

The game files has been tested manually by our team, we work under one of the best available interlude files but it is possible that some feature related to the faction system could give some minor problem and thats why we would like to run a beta for few days.

All accounts and characters created during beta period will be deleted. You will be able to create your final game account some hours before the server launch.

There is a started pack called Prestige Pack that allow players to take his ingame nickname before the server launch, you can read more about it here.