In addition to vote, stream, doing videos and advertising our server you can support the project by donating small amounts of money. We do not give any ingame advantage or item for it, but you will earn some gifts such as cosmetics, titles or the free vote rewards (without voting), those gifts can be adquired with points that you can earn by inviting players too with your referral link. Donations are used to extend server life and advertise it.

The server costs are paid for 12 months with Staff Members funds, this means that the server will be online at least 1 year regardless of the amount of players or donations recieved. For every donation made staff members will contribute with the same amount to the server funds, it means that for every euro donated we will donate another euro to the server in order to extend the server life, in this way players contribue 50% and staff the other 50% to keep the server alive, updated and secure.

Server costs are cheap, we are not in 2006 year when hosting a server was hard and expensive, with a little help we can keep the server running for years without any problem, we appreciate your donations but the money is not a goal for us, the server is made to provide some fun and a different game style (faction low rate).

By contributing with a donation you will get 1 Gift Coin for every euro donated, those coins can be exchanged for some gifts.

Prestige pack 1 month (free vote reward 30 days and prestige reward)10 Gift Coins
Prestige pack 6 months (free vote reward 180 days + instantly 6 months prestige rewards)55 Gift Coins
Prestige pack 12 months (free vote reward 365 days + instantly 12 months prestige rewards)100 Gift Coins
Accesory or cosmetic5 Gift Coins
Change sex5 Gift Coins
First class change5 Gift Coins
Second class change10 Gift Coins
Change name10 Gift Coins
Max recomendations10 Gift Coins
Change clan name19 Gift Coins


Prestige pack is a special gift for those players that support us continuosly, it doesn’t give any ingame advantage. You will get the bonus rate x2.5 -> x3 that you can get by voting for the server but without the need of voting every 12 hours. In addition you will get an exclusive cosmetic or accesory that cannot be adquired with coins. For each consecutive month you will get a new cosmetic or accesory. The complete list can be found below:

1st monthPrestige cloak (view here)
2nd monthRefined hat of your choice (view here)
3rd monthEditable Faction Title (view here)
4th month10 Gift Coins
5th monthGoddes Hair Style A or B (view here)
6th monthGolden Prestige cloak (view here)
7th monthPrestige hat of your choice (view here)
8th monthGoddes Hair Style A or B (view here)
9th month20 Gift Coins
10th monthRefined hat of your choice (view here)
11th monthPrestige hat of your choice (view here)
12th monthCloak of Blood (view here)

More rewards will be added every time we extend server life for an additional year.

You can contribute with a donation through your account pannel.