The first low rate retail server with GvE wars, without dualbox or p2w donations. Dusk or Dawn? Discover a
complete new and original game experience.


Revolutionaries of Dusk fighting against Lords of Dawn a faction system based on Seven Signs and races. Read More.

Only one character per player at the same time, enjoy by playing your favorite class, no more boxed or AFK buffers.

The server runs over Interlude chronicle but some features are modified for the faction-type server, check it out.

You can earn rewards by voting, inviting players to the server, streaming, creating videos or advertising the server. More info.

All server costs are pre-paid for 12 months with admin funds. Server won’t wipe or close regardless of the number of player.

Basic donations wihout any ingame impact, don’t need to spend money to progress faster, only self effort. More info.

Do you want to stream our server and earn rewards for it? You can check more information about this topic here. If you want to place some of our banners, logos or overlays in your Twitch, Youtube or any other social media just download it.

You can find everything you need in our discord server, meet other players, ask questions, get support from our Staff and much more, join us!

Dusk vs Dawn is being promoted in the following sites, you can vote for our server and help us to reach a higher rank on those sites to bring more players to our server. You can earn rewards when you vote check it here.

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